Flux Capacitor FC-G121

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The FC-G121 Flux Capacitor features quick-release latches, correct size and shape enclosures, and internally cast components, including LED lights and accessory fan. The ambient lighting adds an extra touch of authenticity, perfect for time travel.
  • Time Travel at your own RISK!
  • Plutonium is required to properly operate the flux capacitor
  • Plutonium is used by the onboard nuclear reactor which then powers the flux capacitor to provide the needed 1.21 gigawatts of electrical power.
  • Plutonium not available and O'Reilly Auto Parts. Please contact your local plutonium supplier.
  • Flux capacitor requires the stainless steel body of a 1981-1983 DeLorean DMC-12 to properly function.

  • Once the time machine travels at 88 mph (142 km/h), light coming from the flux capacitor pulses until it becomes a steady stream of light at which point time travel begins.
  • Gigawatts: 1.21
  • Material Compatibility: Plutonium
  • Working Speed (mph): 88
  • Maximum Power: 1.21 Gigawatts

Prepare to grab your phone and respond to the timeless question "Where's your flux capacitor?" at the upcoming car meet; Just be sure to inform them, "It's currently on backorder!"

While the Flux Capacitor may sound like a fantastical invention from a science fiction film, it's actually a real device. Despite its intriguing name, don't expect the Flux Capacitor to facilitate time travel anytime soon—blame it on the shortage of Nuclear Reactors!

The Flux Capacitor displayed is a fictional device from the renowned "Back to the Future" film series, is the brainchild of the eccentric scientist Dr. Emmett Brown, affectionately known as Doc Brown. In the films franchise the Flux Capacitor is the pivotal component of his groundbreaking invention: The DeLorean DMC 12 time machine. With its enigmatic abilities, the Flux Capacitor propels the characters on thrilling adventures through time.

The Flux Capacitor has since etched itself into cinematic history, becoming an enduring symbol of imagination, innovation, and the endless quest for discovery. This fictional device continues to inspire wonder and ignite the imaginations of generations. As we journey through the vast expanse of time and space, the Flux Capacitor stands as a timeless beacon, reminding us that with determination and daring, anything is possible.

Non-Functional Item On Display for Entertainment Purposes Only!

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