Alberta Cruisin' & Car Shows - Munro Industries
Alberta Cruisin' & Car Shows - Munro Industries

Rocky Mountain Rumble 2023

Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Join us Saturday August 12, 2023 for the 4th Annual Rocky Mountain Rumble. Don't forget to put on your era correct outfit and join Alberta Cruisin' & Car Shows sponsored by Munro Industries and many more at Rainbow Ford in the beautiful town of Rocky Mountain House.

Don't miss out on this exciting interactive event!

Find pre-sales and registration details here:

Event Details
Alberta Cruisin' & Car Shows 2023 | | 1080x1200
Alberta Cruisin' & Car Shows 2023 | | 1080x1200

Weekly Cruise Schedule

Join us 7 days a week at your local Cars & Coffee event.

*Note* Meets listed in green have been confirmed with ACCS Club members as active for this season.
Weekly locations listed do not guarantee anyone will be at that location.
Should you have updates please contact us.

ACCS Weekly Meets Munro Industries
ACCS Weekly Meets Munro Industries
Wings & Wheels | Clubs & Sponsorship | 1200x700
Wings & Wheels 2023 | | Munro Industries 2160x720
Wings & Wheels 2023 | | Munro Industries 2160x720

Wings & Wheels

Are you looking for something fun and exciting to do?

Join the Alberta Air Tours and be part of an interactive event in the skies! You can admire breathtaking views from above, take pictures, and visit amazing attractions you can only view by air. This is a unique opportunity that will let you experience beauty like never before. Come with us as we explore everything Alberta has to offer - while having lots of fun along the way. There’s no better way to get an insider look at everything this aviation culture has to offer than by joining us on August 26th 2023.

Sign up for the cruise with Alberta Cruisin' & Car Shows or the flight with Alberta Air Tours now and join us in an awesome journey through Alberta.

Pilot's register here:
Driver's register here:

Rocky Mountain House Airport - Josephburg Airport - Villeneuve Airport

Planes - Cars - Cruisin - Music - Food

NOTE: Final details of routes and activities will be shared with those registered for the event.

Event Details

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Affiliate Clubs

Alberta Air Tours Local Aviation Club | Clubs & Sponsorship | Munro Industries 100x100

Alberta Air Tours

Founded in 2019, Alberta Air Tours is a series of group flights, organized by a group of pilots and aviation enthusiasts in Alberta.
The initial purpose of the first Alberta Air Tour was to bring the joy of flight to local communities, promote local aviation clubs, and help create interest in local airports.

Alberta Cruisin' & Car Shows Local Classic Car Club | Clubs & Sponsorship | Munro Industries 100x100

Alberta Cruisin' & Car Shows

Founded in 2018 Alberta Cruisin' & Car Shows (A.C.C.S.) Set out to bring together a collective of current events & shows. With the help of our team and supporters, we have successfully put together Alberta's #1 source for all automotive events, news & updates.

Alberta Jeep Meet Local Jeep Club | Clubs & Sponsorship | Munro Industries 100x100

Alberta Jeep Meet

In 2020 Alberta Jeep Meet (AJM) set out to bring together enthusiasts and industry specialists that want to work & play together as a team. Our efforts are to help everyone in 4x4 and off-road sports to safely enjoy weekend campouts, 4x4 adventures and trailside repairs.

Alberta Trails For Tomorrow Local Off-Road Club | Clubs & Sponsorship | Munro Industries 100x100

Conservation & Preservation

Founded in 2013, Trails 4 Tomorrow (T4T) is a registered society looking for members to ensure the sustainability of recreational trails for off-road and 4x4 vehicles.

Are you interested in preserving the limited history we have left? Look no further than Munro Industries!

At Munro Industries, we understand the importance of protecting and safeguarding our heritage. That's why we are proud to offer exclusive, heavily discounted products and services to our club members. Whether you're working on a project or a personal endeavor, we provide the best Building Materials, Auto Parts, Tires, and Professional Manufacturing Services available, ensuring that your vision is brought to life with the finest quality.

By supporting Munro Industries, you're not just joining a club - you're joining a mission. We are dedicated to preserving and protecting our history, and we aim to assist passionate enthusiasts and historical foundations in this essential effort. Together, we can make a difference. Join us in preserving our history!

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