MAX USA CORP SuperRoofer CN445R3 Roofing Coil Nailer up to 1-3/4" Model#: CN445R3

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Engineered by the manufacturer of the world’s first roofing nailer, MAX combines durability and performance in the safety equipped SuperRoofer®CN445R3. Equipped with a full round head driver blade allows operators to drive nails in flush for dependable holding power. To ensure the durability of the CN445R3, the tar resistant nose is designed to block tar build-up, up to 8x longer than conventional tools. The patented self-cleaning end cap filter, traps foreign substances before they can enter the tool and safely ejects them when the air hose is disconnected. MAX is committed to manufacturing reliable tools that have been designed to deliver enhanced performance while making sure that users can safely perform operations.

  • REDUCED TAR BUILD UP: Tar resistant nose is designed to resist tar 8x longer than conventional tools. When necessary, the SuperRoofer’s contact foot is easy to remove, clean and is also inexpensive to replace.
  • SELF-CLEANING FILTER FOR RELIABLE OPERATIONS: The patented, self-cleaning maintenance free end cap filter, captures foreign substances before they can enter the tool and automatically safely ejects them when the air hose is disconnected.
  • SIMPLE TOOL MAINTENANCE: A removable contact foot allows roofers to safely maintain and clean components of the tool without having to submerge the tool in corrosive cleaning agents.
  • NO NAIL WASTE OR JAMS: A nose magnet holds the last nail in place, allowing contractors to use every nail in the coil; it also prevents the tool from jamming.
  • CONSISTENTLY AND ACCURATELY SHOOTS NAILS: The depth adjustment dial allows operators to effortlessly drive nails into hard materials, and also control depth of drive when fastening soft materials, for a consistently polished finish.
  • AVOID TRIP HAZARDS: A tangle free swivel fitting prevents tangling of the hose while keeping roofers safe from potential fall hazards.
  • EXTREME DRIVING POWER: Full round head driver blade for better holding power.

    Ideal for asphalt shingles, siding, box assembly, and cement board.

    • Unique tangle free swivel fitting
    • 120 nail capacity
    • 70-100 psi operation pressure
    • Rapid fire trigger valve
    • Full round driver blade
    • Tar resistant nose (US Patent 7150384)
    • Dial adjustable depth control
    • Maintenance free end cap filter (US Patent 5637125)
    • Removable contact foot
    • Nose magnet
    • Comfortable rubber grip
    • Trigger lock for safety

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