2300 Litre 500 Gallon Double Wall Utility Fuel Tank - Model#: RF64160

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Rogue Fuel offers ULC approved fuel tanks featuring the same design, strength and quality standards that incorporate all our products. These double walled horizontal fuel tanks offer 100% leak containment and are ideal for a variety of liquid products, preventing costly leaks and providing environmentally safe storage.

Meridian fuel tanks offer a powder coat finish that will outperform standard paints with superior corrosion resistance, durable weather protection, and a sleek clean look, assuring customer satisfaction and decades of trouble-free service.

Model#: RF64160
Package Includes:

  • RF64160 - Tank 2300 Litre / 500 Imperial Gallon Double Wall Utility Tank 
    (Cradle Stand Design)
  • Standard Powder Coated Finish
  • Made In Canada 
  • (CAN-ULC-S601-07 APPROVED)


  • Volume - 2,310L or 508 Imp gal
  • Diameter - 130cm / 51 Inches
  • Tank Length - 196cm or 77in.
  • Skid Length - 226cm or 89in.
  • Weight (with Skid) - 601 kg or 1,326 lbs

Optional Upgrades Available:

  • RF30098 - Basic Skid (Bolt-On)
    Standard Powder Coated Finish
    Made In Canada

  • RF70059-01 - Fuel Pump Package (Basic) 
    Gasoline (115V-20 GPM / 75 LPM)
  • RF70059-02 - Fuel Pump Package (Basic)
    Diesel (115V-20 GPM / 75 LPM)

  • RF70019-01 - Fuel Pump & Meter Package (Basic) 
    Gasoline (115V-20 GPM / 75 LPM)
  • RF70019-02 - Fuel Pump & Meter Package (Basic) 
    Diesel (115V-20 GPM / 75 LPM)

  • RF32553 - Drip Tube
  • RF70015 - Tank Sight Gauge
  • RF40058 - Leak Detection Gauge
  • RF70004 - Hose Retractor w/8' Post for 3/4" Arctic Hoses

  • RF70024 - Vent Pipe (36" x 2") c/w pressure/vacuum cap (Diesel/Gas)
  • RF44932 - Vent Pipe (78" x 2") c/w pressure/vacuum cap (Diesel/Gas)

*Additional options and features are available, please contact your local Rogue Fuel sale representative for more details.


Paint: 2 years.
Structural: 10 years.

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