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These Logos are too small to even read. Look at the red text above the ADD Logo. Can you read that? I get it, your theme is made for one type of logo, I can size any logo to the required perimeters but this is pretty sad. By Masteroo themes; This will ensure you waste every dollar possible in custom coding before you can get something half finished. Get a degree in custom coding before you use this theme. These parameters are only 1/4 of the size Required. Shown below are the recommended size logos for the logo list. I don't know about you, but I don't know many companies that have minimal letters in their logos. Lets Face Facts; You can not even use the full center (250pixels) of 1/3 of the box to the boarders with recommended 250x80 dimensions. The collections logos showing 600x600 or 800x800 are great but this is just a headache that no-one needs to deal with.

Lets try a work around for the problem seen above. If we cannot have logos, lets at-least get some brands on the page. I hope you sont actually have a warehouse because if you have offer items from over 320 brand names your screwed without custom coding. (They want your money all day long and offer you just enough layout and design to leave you constantly wanting more. I get small pet store but WAREHOUSE is a bit over hyped. This could not even fit all the north American brands of tires or vehicles on it for a basic auto shop to offer a simple year make model search. You pay extra for that app as well. Dont worry they have plans from 5.00-200.00/ month to make that work. l recommended the bare minimum for each section be raised from 16 names to 50 or even 100. This will reduce your headaches in the future when you have to change item 16 to item 17 as it would be presently be laid out. A simple drag and drop now turns into 20 minutes of frustration and re establishing links that no longer exist. Imagine 20 features with 16 items each all filled to the brim and you have to add a brand to the middle forcing you to delete another of your previous performers and enjoy an entire day of shifting items around to make room on something you could have simply Dragged and Dropped. I am not sure how you run your business, but I am pretty sure the basics of efficiency, does not start with MAKE WORK PROJECT! Thats awesome custom code is easy enough to do. If your users had the skills or budgets. I dont think they would be trying to build a website using Shopify?

Well atleast we could find a legible size to use for a logo list. We can always use less of the square and have a boarder. Unfortunately we also discovered that most common folk couldnt navagate their way out of a wet paper bag and if something isnt hitting them in the face they still will not get the message. Logo List Preferred, 5 Items in a row max and 10-20 Long Offering 50-100 Categories/ Section. Still offering at-least 20 sections per page. 16 Collections is simply not enough. Im the last guy in the world that should be needing to request basic features. Im also tired of throwing money at problems that do not go away and only cause further problems.

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My suggestions are to implement the changes requested. I understand my suggestions are circumstantial and not everyone is going to need these. However, I do feel these changes will allow business easier options for expansion and growth as needed. I did not choose the name Warehouse for my theme. I think the name should more accurately reflect the capabilities of a theme. I don't even think you could fit a parts store or a hardware store's product in the factory settings unless you limited your choices.

Maybe this theme should be called gas station instead?
at least then they would have all the opportunity for growth they would need.

Actually I do doubt that as they probably do carry over 320 individually branded products.

Basic auto manufacturers in North America listed by name result into 270. Thats 270 logos added for my venture today for Daily Driven Vehicles. A page i cannot even build because I know the released product cannot handle our basic requirements even if we tried to start building that site, it would be over before we even started. The answer use 15 other apps to get something remotely presentable each posing similar challenges only compounds the issue. I hope we can come to some sort of middle ground.

We need a partner that can help us grow and give us a reason to stay.

I want to come to some sort of understanding, because this experience leaves me endlessly wanting more and fighting to make every part actually work with constant headaches that can be accomplished with the most simple builders. If everyone is paying out of pocket to fix these basic issues, why is the program not expanded to a larger model?

Is this app worth 300 USD?


I wish i would have seen all this prior to making my purchase on the Warehouse Masteroo Theme for Shopify.

Unfortunately we thought we were looking at the largest theme store available with the most features. Within 3 seconds of searching online after our purchase we realized what a mistake this was and have constantly been trying to work around the fact that we pissed away a pile of money. Now I cannot even get all our products listed to try and cover the costs to switch to a different provider trying to fuck me around in the same ways.

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Work around to show legible logo sizes. 400x400 maybe? this image is original as a 800x800 with the outher swaure boarder 750x750. Even if the Rogue Logo was 350x500 it would still be night and day better than the 250x80 suggestion currently offered for the logo list.